Texas Defensive Driving Safety Tips

Texas Defensive Driving

No matter how long we have been driving there are always Texas driving safety tips and tricks that others know that we may not be aware of. This defensive driving Texas online course will provide you with the instruction you need at the right price.

Here are some Texas defensive driving tips that we have put together to aid you in being a safer, calmer, and better defensive driver as a whole.

  1. Do NOT drink and drive or drive under the influence of any drug or medication. It is extremely dangerous to drive if you have alcohol in your system. Not only does alcohol interfere with your brain's communication pathways, it leads to:
    • loss of coordination
    • poor judgement
    • distorted vision
    • cause blackouts
    • slow your reflexes
    • loss of memory
    • problems in your heart, stomach, liver and reproductive system.
    Different drugs cause your body to react differently. If you are on a prescribed medication, read about the side effects before getting behind a wheel and make sure it will be okay to drive while taking medication.
  2. Don't speed. Although speeding does not seem harmful since many people exceed the posted speed limit, speeding can cause accidents, injury, or death. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), "Speeding is one of the most prevalent factors contributing to traffic crashes." If you make the decision to not speed, you can help prevent an accident from happening!
  3. Stay out of the way of aggressive drivers and yield to other drivers on the road. Your ultimate goal when driving is to arrive to your destination safely. This defensive driving Texas online course will help you achieve that goal. For instance, you'll learn the safety of sharing the road with other cars. If a driver around you is driving aggressively be sure to stay away from them, if possible. This type of driving is unsafe. Additionally, if it is your turn to go but the other car fails to yield, you should yield to that vehicle. Again, your goal as a defensive driver is to arrive at your destination safely.
  4. Keep calm while you are driving. If you drive aggressively, you can cause numerous amounts of accidents as well as agitate other drivers surrounding you. Although it may not seem like it, staying calm while you drive is perhaps one of the most important safe driving tips and definitely one of the driving safety tips you'll learn in this online defensive driving Texas approved course.
  5. Avoid driving drowsy or tired. Driving distracted is dangerous, but did you know that driving while you are tired is just as bad? A study at Virginia Tech shows that 20% of all accidents have tiredness as a contributing factor. If you find yourself becoming sleepy, pull over to the side of the road where it is safe and rest.
  6. Avoid driving distracted, especially in poor weather conditions. Distracted driving is any act that takes your mind, hands, or eyes off the road. Whether you are looking down to change the song on the radio, trying to fix your makeup, eating, or texting, these and many other things are highly dangerous to yourself and others. These actions become even more dangerous as road conditions worsen. Make sure you direct your full attention to the road. You will help protect yourself and others.

Driving defensively and knowing many Texas driving safety tips is something that will happen over time and with practice. An easy way to learn multiple Texas defensive driving tips is by taking a Texas driving safety course. If you want to learn how to become a better defensive driver and learn new safe driving tips and techniques, start the course today. Click Here for more information on the Texas Consumer Bill of Rights.

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