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Welcome to Texas Online Defensive Driving!

Are you looking for a quick, easy online defensive driving Texas course? Search no further, you’ve found it! Whatever your reason — getting a Texas traffic ticket dismissed and keeping your Texas driving record clean, or just brushing up on safe driving habits — our Texas online defensive driving school provides the driver safety training you need. We are the experts, as we have been helping drivers dismiss traffic tickets in Texas and lower insurance rates since 1996. In just a few hours, you can register, study Texas traffic laws with entertaining videos and graphics, and earn your Texas TEA approved completion certificate. You don’t need to drive anywhere or fill out any paperwork. Just Click Here and get started!

Why Choose Our Texas Defensive Driving Course?

If you like speeding, you will love taking our online defensive driving Texas course – because it goes by fast! It’s so easy, it’s more like playing driving games than studying – well, almost! You can take the course as quickly as you like, completely online, and we won’t give you any speeding tickets. You don’t have to sit in a classroom to brush up on Texas driving laws – you don’t even have to sit at a computer! As long as you have an Internet connection, you can take online drivers ed on any web-enabled device in any location at any time of day or night! Ready to get started? Click Here.

Why Choose Our Texas Defensive Driving Course?

When considering which Texas online defensive driving course to take, consider how long the company has been in business. Also make sure the course you take is approved by the Texas Education Department (TEA). We have a solid track record of graduating more than 4 million drivers since 1996, so we must be doing something right! Our driving course online is easy and entertaining with interactive video and graphics. You can take it any time, any day, and have access to our customer service representatives around the clock. Register Here and take the first step to dismissing your ticket!

Texas Traffic Tickets

You may want to score points in football, but you don’t want points on your driving record! Points are assigned to your driving record depending on the nature of your traffic violation. If you do not go to traffic school, those points stay on your driving record and can lead to an increase in the cost of your auto insurance. It’s much better to take a defensive driving Texas course the first time you get a ticket, and then don’t get any more tickets! Completing online defensive driving may even lower your auto insurance rates. Who wants to spend money on traffic tickets or insurance? Save money, time, and hassles. Register Now and clear your driving record. Click Here to get started!

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Texas Traffic Ticket Dismissal

Getting a ticket can be a difficult experience, but taking Texas defensive driving is easy! Put the whole thing behind you quickly with our Texas online defensive driving course. When you complete the course, take your completion certificate to the court, and your ticket will be dismissed. If you did not receive a traffic violation you may also take our Texas online defensive driving course for insurance purposes. In fact, we send you a second completion certificate to give to your insurance company. You may qualify for a 10% discount on your auto insurance just for taking the course! Questions? Call our friendly customer service representatives toll-free, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Don’t wait! Register Now for our Texas Education Agency approved online defensive driving school course.

Get a Texas Insurance Discount!

You pay enough for auto insurance. By taking the Texas defensive driving course online you can qualify for an insurance discount. Texas traffic tickets are costly. Your insurance company will likely increase your premiums, even for just one citation. This is one more reason to take the Texas online defensive driving course! With the extra certificate of completion we provide, you can submit it to receive an insurance discount.

Online Texas Defensive Driving Requirements

Texas state law allows you to dismiss (1) traffic ticket per year (certain restrictions apply) by taking a Texas defensive driving class. Your traffic citation must be for a moving violation that did not result in serious injury or death of anyone. Some municipal court judges and justices of the peace may require you to contact the court before taking our online defensive driving course to dismiss your traffic ticket. Contacting the court listed on your traffic ticket may prevent delays or added expenses. Once you determine eligibility, Register Here and start the course.

Start Our Defensive Driving Texas Course Now!

Registering for Texas traffic school online takes just a few steps. Our online registration process requires your some basic citation information and you are on your way. Or you can register by phone. You can Pay Now or Pay Later, whatever works best for you. You will receive a user name and password that allows you to log on and off at your convenience and from any web-enabled device – even your Smart Phone! Class is in session 24/7, and can be completed in about six hours. The sooner you register, the sooner you can put your ticket behind you and move forward with a clean driving record. Register Here.

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